Our Ethos

New Starts Vision

New Start was created through my determination to ensure schools, children, young people and parents receive the support they truly need and deserve.  My vision always will be to provide the service that I would want for my own children, should they need it. 

New Start provides a bespoke service to fit around individual schools, pupils and families. We actively listen to each school, understand their needs and their genuine concerns for their pupils, and support them all accordingly.  We make sure that never have a waiting list.  When a school asks for support, they cannot wait.  We meet with the parent/carer before we start working with the young person and understanding that this can be a difficult time for everyone.  We communicate regularly with parents and school, making sure that the young person’s well-being is always in focus. 

It is my personal commitment that New Start will provide a service that goes above and beyond for everyone we support.  New Start sees the world through the eyes of the school and understand the incredibly difficult task of managing education, behaviour and wellbeing, whilst constantly meeting targets. I care passionately about the young people we support and the amazing schools we are proud to work alongside. We recognise how incredible the young people we support are. 

The little girl who embodies our brand represents the inner strength, bravery, courage, daring and lion-heartedness that lives within everyone.   

New Start exists to help every young person realise their superpower.