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One to One in School Counselling

For staff, parents and pupils carried out by fully qualified, experienced counsellor within the school setting. Our New Start counsellor will meet with a member of staff and parent/carer, before the sessions begin, to discuss the individual needs of each case. Feedback will regularly be given, and a member of the New Start team will attend multi agency meetings to share best practice.

Parent and Child Support

A member of the New Start team will work together with parent/carer and child to build positive relationships and new skills around parenting. Helping promote clear communication within their relationship. The sessions will combine therapeutic and practical support. The aims of these sessions are to enhance a high level of parental warmth, with high levels of supervision to encourage confidence, responsibility, security and resilience.

One to one private counselling

For children, young people and adults carried out by a fully qualified, experienced counsellor within the comfort of your own home or New Start premises.

Triple ‘R’ Programme – Resilient, Robust, Resourceful

Resilience is learnable.  This programme will encourage and promote resilience within children and young people. A qualified, experienced group counsellor will deliver a group of up to six pupils over six sessions.

Resilience is teachable.  This programme will also meet with relevant staff or parents/carers for an hours session to discuss the group progress and how the learnt skills can be utilised within the classroom and home environment.

Staff Support and Wellbeing Plan 

New Start provide a service for all school staff that actively addresses stress, low morale, work load, anxiety, relationship matters and burnout. Our service is confidential and offers staff the opportunity to talk and develop tools to tackle the issues that arise within school, and within their day-to-day lives that can affect their performance in school.

Bespoke Group Work Programme

The group will be developed to suit the individual needs of each child.  A member of the New Start team will firstly meet with the school to establish the cohort of the group and to discuss the support that has already been put in place, and the further support we will offer. Our team will listen to what you need and we will develop a bespoke, unique group which could cover the following: boost resilience, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem, promote positive social and emotional skills, encourage healthy friendships, reduce anxiety around SATS or transition to high school – Aimed to equip children and young people with the positive skills they need.

Total Family Intervention Programme

This is an exciting 12 week programme that offers support to all of the family. The objectives are as follows:

  • To build established relationships within the community and offer ongoing support to families and school.
  • Increase resilience in families whose resilience has been undermined.
  • Offer opportunities to families to talk through difficult situations and discuss particular concerns.
  • Promote healthy communication amongst the community.
  • Encourage confident parenting to enable the  capacity to show empathy.
  • Parents to engage and promote the service within the community.